KBLX & City Team Food Pantry

Bonneville Food Pantry and Volunteer Event

@thebarnesfirmlaw Helping the #BayArea community by #donating $2500 to #CityTeam to provide lunches and #toys for #Children #fyp #foryoupage #Christmas #Holidays #volunteer #Oakland #BayArea #SanJose #sanfrancisco ♬ All I Want for Christmas Is You – Mariah Carey

102.9 KBLX is partnering with The Barnes Firm and City Team, a non-profit organization with programs in San Jose, San Francisco, and Oakland, serving neighbors experiencing homelessness, poverty, hunger, and addition to restore lives and rebuild communities.

The Barnes Firm donated and brought in a team led by Landon Vivian, Managing Attorney Oakland, to help prepare food and wrap gifts for those in need.

the barnes firm landon vivian“These past two years have been tough on everyone, particularly impacting those already struggling the hardest,” Vivian said.

“It’s an honor to give back both financially and physically to those who need help and support the most. Our team is excited to be a part of the solution for our local neighborhoods where we live and work.”

Representatives from the Oakland office offering services throughout the Bay Area lended their assistance to the Food Pantry’s operation, and The Barnes Firm as a whole will be making a donation to the even that will help support local communities in need across San Francisco.

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102.9 KBLX Bonneville Food PantryLocated in the heart of Daly City, KBLX Bonneville is the top radio station for throwbacks and R&B music in the San Francisco area. The channel is considered an institution among the African American community in the Bay Area — serving as a cornerstone for education, empowerment, entertainment.

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