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From stunning views and ideal weather, California has it all for motorcyclists. Riders dream of riding up and down some of the most famous and historic California bike routes with oceanside highways and scenic views around every corner.

Unfortunately, riders need to consider more than just weather and routes in order to avoid motorcycle accidents and be prepared for how to handle accidents if they do occur.

Our California motorcycle accident attorneys are here to help with our Motorcycle Matters program offering motorcycle resources, safety tips, riding guides, contests, and more.

motorcycle matters california accident attorneys the barnes firm

Motorcycle Safety Resources & Information

Motorcycle Safety Tips according to National Safety Council (NSC):

Summer months are highest for Motorcycle Accidents  

  • – Passenger car drivers must allow greater following distance behind a motorcycles
  •  – Drivers also must show extra caution in intersections. Most crashes occur when a driver fails to see a motorcyclist and turns left in front of a motorcycle
  •  – Drivers should never try to share a lane with a motorcycle. Always give a motorcycle the full lane width
  •  – Motorcyclists should avoid riding in poor weather conditions
  •  – Motorcyclists should position their motorcycles to avoid a driver’s blind spot
  •  – Motorcyclists must use turn signals for every turn or lane change
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Blind Spot Technology

  •  – Blind spot monitoring technology is becoming standard on most vehicles. However, it may not detect smaller moving vehicles, like motorcycles
  •  – Drivers are becoming overly reliant on this type of automation – Drivers still need to turn their head to check blind spots
  •  – Enjoy the ride – Learn more safety tips at
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What To Do If You're in a Motorcycle Accident?

  1. 1. Of course, Seek Medical Help First
  2. 2. Then call a personal injury attorney like those at The Barnes Firm
  3. 3. Don’t call the Insurance Company until you speak with a Personal Injury Attorney


Here’s why:

  •  – A. Insurance Companies are large Corporations – their goal is to make a huge profit. They don’t work for you.
  •  – B. Their purpose is to offer an initial settlement – which is typically much less than what you are entitled to.
  •  – C. Sometimes the other Insurance Company will call you to get “your side of the story” and/or offer you money if you sign a release form, plus anything you say could be used against you, and once you sign the release form, your case is closed.

Visit for more information and obtain a FREE consultation and find out what your case is actually worth.

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